“Chic Antique”: French country style from Denmark

“Chic Antique”; one of CamillaK’s most charming suppliers. The Danes are known for their modern design, but even when they design objects in old French country style, they deliver like no one else…


“Chic Antique” was started in 2005 by Bente Kienast (the story you can read here). She had a dream of bringing unique French flea market discoveries out to everyone who loves French charm and atmosphere.

All the beautiful items from “Chic Antique” are designed to be unique and timeless…

… and they give your home personality and charm.

“Chic Antique” comes out with new collections in the spring and autumn. They also have their own Easter and Christmas collections. Here are some pictures from the Christmas collection …

I just love the Christmas balls with candles in them, they create a magical mood!!!

“Chic Antique” is sold in over 55 countries and if you want some of their beautiful things, you can find a dealer near you here,

or contact them at




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